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Drainage trocar with cannulae, circa 1860 C017 / 6949

Drainage trocar with cannulae, circa 1860 C017  /  6949

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Drainage trocar with cannulae, circa 1860 C017 / 6949

Dr. Southeys drainage trocar with 3 cannulae in their case. This set dates from 1860 and is made by Arnold and Sons, England. The case is lined with green fabric, the instruments are made from ivory and silver. The Southeys tubes were used to drain fluid-filled swellings particularly those in the lower legs. This equipment was popular amongst physicians in the mid-nineteenth century

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1860 1860s Antique Apparatus Cannula Cardiological Cardiology Cardiovascular Case Cased Clinical Device Drain Drainage Draining Instrument Instruments Ivory Nineteenth Century Silver Swelling Treatment Yellow Background Drains Swellings

This print showcases a remarkable piece of medical history - the Drainage Trocar with Cannulae, circa 1860. Crafted by Arnold and Sons in England, this silver instrument set is encased in an elegant green fabric lining. The instruments themselves are meticulously made from ivory and silver, exuding both sophistication and functionality. Dr. Southey's drainage trocar was a revolutionary device during the mid-nineteenth century, highly favored by physicians of that era. Specifically designed to drain fluid-filled swellings, particularly those found in the lower legs, it played a crucial role in treating various clinical conditions. The significance of this antique apparatus lies not only in its historical value but also its contribution to the advancement of medicine during the 1800s. With its cardiological applications and cannulae for draining fluids effectively, it became an indispensable tool for physicians specializing in cardiovascular ailments. Against a vibrant yellow background, this photograph captures every intricate detail of Dr. Southeys' tubes within their case – a testament to both craftsmanship and innovation. It serves as a reminder of how far medical technology has progressed over time while honoring the ingenuity that paved the way for modern-day cardiology practices. This image is brought to you by SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY – your gateway to exploring fascinating scientific visuals without commercial use restrictions.

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