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Drawing of nettle from Hookes Micrographia

Drawing of nettle from Hookes Micrographia

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Drawing of nettle from Hookes Micrographia

Drawing of the underside of a stinging nettle leaf which was printed in a book called " Micrographia" by Robert Hooke, 1665. Hooke correctly discovered that the stinging hairs were hollow " from top to bottom". He did this by observing the movement of the liquid within the sting into his finger, whilst using the micsroscope. Somewhat fancifully, he compared the base of the sting to a leather bag, and the sting itself to a glass tube. The book contains some of the most beautiful drawings of microscope observations ever made. Hooke was born in England in 1635, his main accomplishments were in the fields of physics, where he studied the action of springs, and biology

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This print showcases a remarkable drawing of the underside of a stinging nettle leaf, taken from Robert Hooke's groundbreaking book "Micrographia" published in 1665. Hooke, an English scientist born in 1635, made significant contributions to both physics and biology during his lifetime. In this particular study, he astutely discovered that the infamous stinging hairs of nettles were hollow from top to bottom. Using a microscope, Hooke meticulously observed the movement of liquid within the sting as it came into contact with his finger. He whimsically likened the base of the sting to a leather bag and compared the sting itself to a glass tube. This revolutionary finding shed light on one of nature's most intriguing mechanisms. Aside from its scientific significance, "Micrographia" is renowned for its stunning illustrations depicting microscopic observations. The drawings contained within this masterpiece are widely regarded as some of the most exquisite ever created using microscopy techniques. This print not only captures Hooke's meticulous rendering but also serves as a testament to his pioneering work in advancing our understanding of both science and technology. It stands as an enduring symbol of how curiosity coupled with innovation can unlock hidden wonders within our natural world.

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