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Fimbriae of a fallopian tube, SEM C016 / 9047

Fimbriae of a fallopian tube, SEM C016  /  9047

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Fimbriae of a fallopian tube, SEM C016 / 9047

Fimbriae of a fallopian tube, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Fimbriae are the folds at the opening (ostium) of a fallopian tube, next to an ovary. They help to guide a newly-released ovum (egg cell) into the tube itself. One fallopian tube runs from each ovary into the uterus (womb). Ova travel down the tubes into the uterus. If they encounter sperm on the way they may be fertilised, in which case they implant into the uterus wall and pregnancy begins. If not, they are expelled from the body in the next menstrual period. Magnification: x10 when printed 10cm wide

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Colored Electron Microscope Fallopian Tube Female Reproductive System Fimbria Fimbriae Fringe Ostium Oviduct Reproduction Surface Tissue Uterine

This print showcases the intricate beauty of the fimbriae, delicate folds found at the entrance of a fallopian tube. Colored in vibrant hues through scanning electron microscopy (SEM), these structures play a crucial role in guiding newly-released ovum towards the tube itself. Serving as a bridge between the ovaries and uterus, each fallopian tube facilitates the journey of ova into their final destination. The female reproductive system relies on this remarkable process for potential fertilization and subsequent pregnancy initiation. As ova travel down these tubes, they may encounter sperm along the way. If fertilization occurs, they implant themselves onto the uterine wall, marking an incredible beginning to new life. However, if no fertilization takes place, these unfertilized eggs are expelled from the body during menstruation. Steve Gschmeissner's skillful use of SEM magnification allows us to appreciate every detail present within this microscopic world. The white background accentuates both structure and fringe of these fimbriae while highlighting their significance within human anatomy and biology. This awe-inspiring image not only serves as a testament to scientific exploration but also reminds us of nature's complexity and elegance intertwined with our own existence.

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