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Fly eye facets, SEM

Fly eye facets, SEM

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Fly eye facets, SEM

Fly eye facets. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of facets on the eye of a fly. Each of the two compound eyes comprises several thousand image-forming facets called ommatidia. Each ommatidium is a simple eye, which sends a signal to the flys brain. The brain combines the thousands of images to form a mosaic view of the world. The image is not sharp but is excellent at detecting movement. In between the ommatidia are hair-like structures called interommatidial bristles. These bristles are frequently modified, duplicated or absent in mutant Drosophila fruit flies

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Bristle Coloured Sem Compound Diptera Dipteran Facet Facets Hair Horizontal Insecta Ommatidia Ommatidium Sight Vision

This print showcases the intricate beauty of a fly's compound eye. The image, captured using a scanning electron microscope (SEM), reveals the mesmerizing arrangement of fly eye facets known as ommatidia. Each compound eye consists of thousands of these tiny facets, which serve as individual image-forming units. The ommatidia function as simple eyes, transmitting signals to the fly's brain. Remarkably, the brain combines these signals from numerous ommatidia to create a mosaic-like view of its surroundings. While this composite image may lack sharpness, it excels in detecting even the slightest movements. Interwoven among the ommatidia are delicate hair-like structures called interommatidial bristles. These bristles play an essential role in vision and can undergo modifications or variations in mutant Drosophila fruit flies. This stunning photograph not only highlights nature's incredible diversity but also offers insights into insect anatomy and visual perception. It provides a glimpse into the fascinating world seen through a fly's compound eyes—a world where movement takes precedence over clarity. Captured by Science Photo Library using advanced imaging techniques, this print serves as both an artistic marvel and a scientific treasure trove for those intrigued by zoology, entomology, and our natural environment.

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