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Horse fly eye, SEM

Horse fly eye, SEM

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Horse fly eye, SEM

Horse fly eye. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the compound eye of a horse fly (Tabanus sp.). The eye is composed of numerous facets (ommatidia), each of which contains a lens. Beneath each lens are retinal cells, which send nerve signals to the optic nerve. Each ommatidium gives a tiny image of part of the horse flys field of vision, resulting in a detailed mosaic image. Female horse flies feed on the blood of horses, humans and other large mammals. Magnification: x90 at 6x7cm size

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Compound Facet Facets Insecta Lens Lenses Ommatidia Ommatidium Sense Sensory Sight Vision Visual Horse Fly

This print showcases the intricate beauty of a horse fly's compound eye, captured using a coloured scanning electron microscope (SEM). The eye is composed of countless facets known as ommatidia, each housing a lens. Below these lenses lie retinal cells that transmit nerve signals to the optic nerve. Each ommatidium captures a tiny portion of the horse fly's visual field, resulting in an exquisite mosaic image. The magnified view at x90 reveals astonishing details within this remarkable sensory organ. This image offers us a glimpse into the world of these fascinating insects and their extraordinary vision. With its vibrant colors and precise focus, it serves as a testament to the wonders found in nature. Female horse flies are notorious for feeding on the blood of horses, humans, and other large mammals. Their keen eyesight enables them to locate potential hosts with precision. Through this SEM photograph, we gain insight into how their compound eyes aid in their survival and hunting strategies. This print from Science Photo Library not only celebrates the marvels of zoology but also highlights our ability to explore and understand even the tiniest creatures through advanced scientific techniques such as SEM imaging. It reminds us that there is always more to discover about our natural world if we take time to appreciate its intricacies.

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