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Ink-spot sea squirt and a crinoid

Ink-spot sea squirt and a crinoid

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Ink-spot sea squirt and a crinoid

Ink-spot sea squirt (Polycarpa aurata, blue) and a crinoid (right) amongst coral. Sea squirts are sessile barrel-shaped animals that feed by filtering plankton from the water. Crinoids feed by filtering food particles from the water using their feathery arms, the hairs of which pass food to a central mouth. Photographed in the Banda Sea, off Moluccas, Indonesia

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Chordata Chordate Cnidarian Coelenterate Coral Coral Reef Corals Crinoid Indo Pacific Indonesia Ink Spot Sea Squirt Marine Life Moluccas Polycarpa Aurata Southeast Asia Tunicate Urochordata Urochordate Banda Sea

This print captures the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world in all its glory. In this image, an Ink-spot sea squirt and a crinoid take center stage amidst a vibrant coral reef backdrop. The Ink-spot sea squirt, with its striking blue hue, is a sessile barrel-shaped animal that gracefully filters plankton from the surrounding water. Its presence adds a splash of color to the already diverse marine ecosystem. On the right side of the frame, we see a crinoid delicately extending its feathery arms to filter food particles from the water. These intricate arms act as natural nets, capturing nourishment for this fascinating creature's sustenance. The hairs on these arms gently pass food towards a central mouth, showcasing nature's ingenious design. Photographed in the Banda Sea off Moluccas, Indonesia, this snapshot transports us into an enchanting realm where life thrives beneath tranquil waters. It serves as a reminder of both our planet's incredible biodiversity and delicate balance within ecosystems. With every detail meticulously captured by Science Photo Library's lens, viewers are invited to appreciate not only the biological wonders showcased but also gain insight into marine biology and zoology. This photograph encapsulates Southeast Asia's rich marine life while highlighting key species such as corals and chordates like Polycarpa aurata (Ink-spot sea squirt). Let your imagination dive deep into this stunning portrayal of aquatic fauna - an awe-inspiring testament to Earth’s natural marvels.

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