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Internet business

Internet business

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Internet business

Internet business. Conceptual computer artwork of missiles coming out of a computer monitor, representing the struggles of internet businesses. There are explosions in the background. On the camouflaged computer is a page from the world wide web (), part of the global network of computers known as the Internet. The development of the Internet has created new opportunities for businesses, which some companies are exploiting through rapid, and sometimes aggressive, expansion. The words on the missiles, .net, .org and, form part of internet addresses (domain names)

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Business Camouflage Communication Competition Computer Conceptual Art Explosion High Tech Communications Internet Missile World Wide Web

This print titled "Internet Business" captures the intense struggles faced by internet businesses in a visually striking manner. The conceptual computer artwork showcases missiles emerging from a computer monitor, symbolizing the challenges and competition that these enterprises encounter daily. Explosions in the background further emphasize the high-stakes nature of this digital battlefield. The camouflaged computer featured prominently in the image represents how companies navigate through this competitive landscape, blending into their surroundings to gain an edge. On its surface lies a page from the World Wide Web, highlighting how businesses harness the vast potential of this global network known as the Internet. This technological advancement has opened up new opportunities for enterprises to thrive and expand rapidly. The words ". net" ". org" and other domain names on these missiles remind us of their significance within internet addresses, showcasing how companies strategically utilize them for effective communication and branding purposes. Through this thought-provoking conceptual art piece, Science Photo Library sheds light on both the benefits and challenges faced by internet-based businesses. It serves as a reminder that while technology offers immense possibilities for growth and success, it also demands constant adaptation and resilience to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital world.

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