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Menstrual pain

Menstrual pain

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Menstrual pain

MODEL RELEASED. Menstrual pain. Woman holding her hands against her abdomen to relieve pain caused by menstruation. Lower abdominal and pelvic pain, known as dysmenorrhoea, may occur before or during a menstrual period. During menstruation, strong uterine contractions cause the menstrual discharge to be expelled. At ovulation, abdominal pain may be felt when an egg is forcibly expelled from an ovary

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Abdomen Abdominal Ache Aching Bed Room Belly Contraction Contractions Cramp Discomfort Dysmenorrhoea Hispanic Holding Menstruation Painful Pressing Relieving Resting Sitting Down Soothing Spasm Treatment Tummy Uncomfortable Underwear Distressing Spasms

This powerful print captures the raw reality of menstrual pain experienced by countless women worldwide. The image showcases a woman, her face etched with discomfort, as she holds her hands against her abdomen in an attempt to alleviate the intense pain caused by menstruation. Menstrual pain, scientifically known as dysmenorrhoea, can strike before or during a menstrual period. As depicted in this photograph, lower abdominal and pelvic pain can be distressing and uncomfortable for women. Strong uterine contractions during menstruation expel the menstrual discharge while ovulation may cause abdominal pain when an egg is forcefully expelled from an ovary. The woman's expression reflects both physical and emotional discomfort associated with this natural process. Sitting down on a bed wearing soothing underwear, she seeks solace from the painful cramps that grip her belly. Her posture suggests a moment of rest and relief amidst the throbbing ache. This image serves as a reminder that menstrual pain is not just physical; it impacts daily life activities and well-being. It sheds light on the pressing need for further research into effective treatments to alleviate these spasms and contractions that plague many women every month. Through this poignant portrayal of one woman's experience, Science Photo Library invites viewers to empathize with those who endure such distressing stomach pains during their periods—a silent struggle faced by millions around the world.

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