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Nazca line

Nazca line

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Nazca line

Nazca line seen from the ground. These lines make up the geoglyphs, or landscape drawings, found in the coastal desert of southern Peru. The lines are made by moving the dark stones to reveal the lighter material underneath. Many of the geoglyphs take the form of stylised animals and other, unknown objects. They cover huge areas and can only be properly seen from the air. They are thought to have been made by the Nazca, a native South American people, around 2000 years ago. Theories about the lines have ranged from uses in astronomy (for seasonal agriculture) to ceremonial uses in religion

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Ancient Ancient Civilisation Archaeology Archeology Ceremonial Cognitive Archaeology Desert Geoglyphs Ground Landscape Drawings Nasca Outlines Peruvian Religion Religious Sandy South American Stones Worship


> Arts > Landscape paintings > Coastal landscapes > Landscape paintings

> Arts > Landscape paintings > Landscape art > Landscape paintings

> Arts > Landscape paintings

This print showcases the enigmatic Nazca lines, a collection of geoglyphs found in the coastal desert of southern Peru. These intricate landscape drawings were created by moving dark stones to expose the lighter material underneath, forming stylized animals and mysterious objects that stretch across vast areas. While they can only be fully appreciated from above, this particular image offers a rare glimpse of the Nazca lines seen from ground level. Believed to have been crafted around 2000 years ago by the Nazca people, an indigenous South American civilization, these geoglyphs have puzzled researchers for centuries. Theories about their purpose range from practical applications in astronomy for seasonal agriculture to ceremonial uses rooted in religion. The sandy terrain and ancient archeological significance make this photograph a fascinating window into our past. It invites us to contemplate the cognitive archaeology behind these awe-inspiring creations and ponder their role within an ancient civilization's worship practices. As we delve into this visual masterpiece captured by Science Photo Library, we are reminded of the rich cultural heritage preserved within Peruvian soil. This image serves as a testament to human ingenuity and artistic expression throughout history while leaving us with lingering questions about our ancestors' motivations and beliefs.

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