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Nematode worm, transverse sections

Nematode worm, transverse sections

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Nematode worm, transverse sections

Nematode worm. Light micrograph of three transverse sections through the body of a female round unsegmented worm (Ascaris lumbricoides). The sections are in the regions of the upper intestine (right), and the reproductive regions in the upper body (left) and the lower body (middle). At left and middle, the uterus is large circles filled with eggs. The ovaries are smaller circles with smaller cavities. The oviducts are circles with large cavities, some containing eggs. Magnification: x36 when printed at 10 centimetres across

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Ascaris Lumbricoides Cross Section Eggs Histological Histology Intestinal Intestines Nematoda Nematode Ovaries Ovary Oviduct Oviducts Ovum Re Production Reproductive Round Worm Transverse Trio Uterus Worm Light Micrograph Light Microscope Section Sectioned

This print showcases the intricate anatomy of a female round unsegmented worm, known as Ascaris lumbricoides. The image features three transverse sections through different regions of the worm's body, offering a glimpse into its reproductive and digestive systems. On the left side of the print, we observe the upper body section where large circular structures represent the uterus, brimming with numerous eggs. Smaller circles adjacent to it symbolize the ovaries, housing smaller cavities. Additionally, there are circular oviducts with spacious cavities containing some eggs. Moving towards the middle section of this fascinating creature, we encounter another transverse cut highlighting its lower body region. Similar to before, a prominent circle represents an egg-filled uterus while smaller circles depict ovaries with their respective cavities. Finally, on the right side of this remarkable composition lies a cross-section through the upper intestine region. Although less visually striking than its reproductive counterparts, this segment provides insight into how nutrients are absorbed by these worms. With a magnification factor of x36 when printed at 10 centimeters across, this light micrograph offers an up-close examination that reveals both beauty and complexity within nature's smallest creatures. It serves as a testament to our fascination with zoology and biology while reminding us of life's incredible diversity in even seemingly insignificant organisms like nematode worms.

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