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Precious gemstones

Precious gemstones

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Precious gemstones

Precious gemstones of ruby (red) and garnet (pink). Gemstones are solid crystalline substances (minerals), formed by natural processes, which are prized by collectors and used in jewellery. Cut and polished stones utilize the refraction of light to enhance their appearance. Ruby is a red variety of corundum (aluminium oxide). Garnet is a group of relatively common minerals, in a wide variety of colours, that can be used as gems

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This print showcases the beauty and allure of precious gemstones. The image features a collection of exquisite ruby and garnet stones, both known for their vibrant hues. These gemstones are solid crystalline substances formed through natural processes, making them highly sought after by collectors and widely used in jewelry. The cut and polished stones in this photograph utilize the fascinating phenomenon of light refraction to enhance their visual appeal. As light passes through these gems, it bends and scatters, creating a mesmerizing display of colors that captivates the beholder's eye. Ruby, with its deep red coloration, is a variety of corundum - an aluminum oxide mineral. Renowned for its intense hue and rarity, rubies have long been cherished as symbols of passion and vitality. On the other hand, garnets belong to a group of minerals found in various colors. In this particular image, we see pink garnets scattered amongst the rubies. Although more common than rubies, these pink gems still possess an undeniable charm that adds diversity to any collection or piece of jewelry they adorn. This stunning print from Science Photo Library not only celebrates Earth's geological wonders but also highlights the timeless allure that precious gemstones hold over humanity throughout history.

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