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Regenerating nerve cell, TEM

Regenerating nerve cell, TEM

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Regenerating nerve cell, TEM

Regenerating nerve cell. Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of a section through a nerve axon (yellow) regenerating within a Schwann cell (blue). The Schwann cells nucleus is black. An axon is a nerve fibre that passes information between nerve cells. It is usually surrounded by a myelin sheath, a fatty insulating layer formed by Schwann cells, but this cell is yet to regenerate its sheath. Schwann cells are only found around axons in the peripheral nervous system, and not the central nervous system (CNS). It is only cells of the peripheral nervous system that are able to regenerate after injury

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Axon Fibres Injured Injury Nerve Nerve Fibre Nervous Nucleus Peripheral Nervous System Regenerating Regeneration Schwann Cell System Transmission Electron Micrograph Transmission Electron Microscope False Coloured Neurological Neurology

This print captures the intricate process of nerve cell regeneration. In this coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM), we witness a section through a nerve axon, depicted in vibrant yellow, as it regenerates within a Schwann cell, represented by the striking blue hue. The nucleus of the Schwann cell is prominently displayed in black. Axons play a crucial role in transmitting information between nerve cells within our complex nervous system. Typically enveloped by a myelin sheath – an insulating layer formed by Schwann cells – this particular axon is yet to regenerate its protective covering. It's important to note that Schwann cells are exclusively found surrounding axons in the peripheral nervous system and not within the central nervous system (CNS). Remarkably, only cells from the peripheral nervous system possess the remarkable ability to regenerate after sustaining injury. This extraordinary image offers us a glimpse into one of nature's most awe-inspiring processes: cellular regeneration. It serves as a reminder of both biology's intricacy and medicine's ongoing quest to understand and harness these mechanisms for therapeutic purposes. As we explore further into neurology and neurological research, images like this provide invaluable insights into our own biological makeup and offer hope for future advancements in medical science.

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