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SOHO satellite & Sun

SOHO satellite & Sun

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SOHO satellite & Sun

SOHO and the Sun. Computer illustration of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO, upper right) and several solar phenomena it studies. SOHO was launched on 2nd December 1995 by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) program. The solar features seen here include the Suns magnetic field (blue, top right), electromagnetic radiation (spectrum, top centre), sunspots (dark, lower centre), the solar wind (arrows, lower left) and solar flares (bottom left). SOHO monitors solar activity continuously, as periods of high activity can have adverse effects on Earth

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Astrophysics Electromagnetic Radiation Magnetic Field Radiation Satellite Satellites Soho Solar Solar Flare Solar Wind Sun Spot

This print showcases the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite in all its glory, as it diligently studies various solar phenomena. The computer illustration beautifully captures SOHO's position in the upper right corner, while highlighting several intriguing features of our magnificent Sun. In this artwork, we are presented with a visual feast of solar wonders. The blue depiction at the top right represents the Sun's magnetic field, an invisible force that shapes and guides solar activity. Just above it, a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation paints a vivid picture of the different wavelengths emitted by our star. Moving towards the center of the image, we encounter dark sunspots dotting the Sun's surface. These enigmatic spots are cooler than their surroundings and often serve as indicators for heightened solar activity. Adjacent to them lies an array of arrows symbolizing the ever-present solar wind - a stream of charged particles constantly flowing from our star into space. Finally, nestled in the bottom left corner are mesmerizing solar flares - intense bursts of energy released by magnetic interactions within the Sun's atmosphere. SOHO stands tall as humanity’s watchful eye on these celestial events. Launched by ESA for scientific research purposes back in 1995 under ISTP program, this remarkable satellite continuously monitors solar activity to help us better understand and predict its effects on Earth. Through this stunning art piece created by Science Photo Library, we can appreciate both science and aesthetics intertwined harmoniously – reminding us once again how truly awe-inspiring our universe is

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