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Solar flare

Solar flare

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Solar flare

Stellar flare. Computer artwork of a stellar flare erupting through space from a star(not seen). A stellar flare is an intense eruption of radiation and hot plasma (ionised gas) from the surface of a star. It may result from a starquake, caused by shifts in the very strong magnetic fields of a star. If solar flare material impacts the Earth, or Earths magnetosphere, it could disrupt radio communications and satellite operations. Solar flares also threaten astronauts working outside the protection of the Earths atmosphere. This may also represent a coronal mass ejection (a similar phenomenon) or a loop prominence (plasma arcing along the solar magnetic field lines)

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Astrophysics Coronal Mass Ejection Cosmology Ejections Eruption Fire Flame Flare Flares Plasma Prominence Prominences Solar Star Star Field Starry Stars Universe Computer Artwork

This stunning computer artwork captures the mesmerizing power and beauty of a solar flare erupting through space from an unseen star. The intense eruption of radiation and hot plasma, known as a stellar flare, is caused by shifts in the magnetic fields of a star, possibly triggered by a starquake. This phenomenon has significant implications for our planet and beyond. If material from these solar flares reaches Earth or its magnetosphere, it can disrupt radio communications and satellite operations, posing challenges to modern technology. Moreover, astronauts working outside the protective shield of Earth's atmosphere are particularly vulnerable to the dangers posed by these celestial events. The image may also represent either a coronal mass ejection (CME) or a loop prominence—a plasma arcing along the magnetic field lines of the sun. Both phenomena exhibit similar characteristics to stellar flares and contribute to our understanding of astrophysics and cosmology. As we gaze at this awe-inspiring illustration against the backdrop of countless stars in deep space, we are reminded once again that there is so much more to explore beyond our own world. Science Photo Library provides us with this breathtaking visual representation that ignites curiosity about our universe's mysteries while highlighting both its astonishing beauty and potential hazards.

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