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Suspension bridge construction

Suspension bridge construction

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Suspension bridge construction

Suspension bridge construction at sunset. This is the Second Severn Crossing, which opened in 1996 to carry the M4 motorway from England to Wales. It runs 5000 metres across the River Severn, with the central suspension span (its towers are seen here) being 456 metres. Either side of this central span are non-suspension spans (normal bridge sections). They number 23 on the English side and 22 on the Welsh side. The bridge was built from 1992-1996

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1996 Bridge Building Building Technology Constructing Construction Crossing D Usk Engineering Evening Mechanical Mechanics Motorway River Road Setting Sun Site Sun Set Suspension Tower Towers Transport Transportation Twilight Wales Welsh Severn

This print captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the Second Severn Crossing, a remarkable feat of engineering connecting England and Wales. As the sun gracefully sets on the horizon, casting a warm golden glow across the scene, it illuminates the suspension bridge construction in all its glory. Stretching an impressive 5000 meters across the majestic River Severn, this iconic bridge stands as a testament to human ingenuity and technological advancement. The focal point of this image is undoubtedly the central suspension span with its towering structures reaching towards the sky. These colossal towers serve as both architectural marvels and functional supports for this vital motorway link. The meticulous planning and precise execution that went into constructing this masterpiece are evident in every detail captured by Science Photo Library. With 23 non-suspension spans on one side and 22 on the other, this bridge seamlessly merges artistry with practicality. Built between 1992-1996, this engineering marvel has become an integral part of British infrastructure. It symbolizes unity between nations while facilitating efficient transportation for countless individuals each day. As we gaze upon this breathtaking photograph at dusk, we cannot help but be reminded of humanity's ability to conquer nature's obstacles through innovation and determination. This image serves as a timeless reminder of our capacity to build bridges - not only physical ones but also metaphorical connections that bring people together from different backgrounds and cultures.

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