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Trumpeter swan

Trumpeter swan

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Trumpeter swan

Trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) in flight. This is the largest water bird in North America, having a wingspan of up to three metres. The trumpeter swan lives mainly in the north-western parts of the USA and western Canada, inhabiting wetlands and open water. It feeds on plants, seeds and occasionally aquatic invertebrates. It takes its name from its loud and deep call. Photographed in Tagish, British Columbia, Canada

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Bird British Columbia Canada Canadian Flight Flying Swan Cygnus Buccinator Tagish Trumpeter

This print showcases the majestic beauty of a Trumpeter swan in flight. With its impressive wingspan stretching up to three meters, this North American water bird truly commands attention. The trumpeter swan is primarily found in the north-western regions of the USA and western Canada, where it gracefully glides through wetlands and open waters. Feeding on plants, seeds, and occasionally aquatic invertebrates, this magnificent creature thrives amidst nature's abundance. Its name originates from its distinctive call - loud and deep, echoing through the tranquil landscapes it calls home. Photographed against the picturesque backdrop of Tagish in British Columbia, Canada, this image captures an awe-inspiring moment frozen in time. The intricate details of every feather are beautifully preserved by Science Photo Library's expert lens. As we gaze upon this remarkable photograph, we are reminded of the wonders that exist within our natural world. It serves as a reminder to cherish and protect these precious creatures who contribute to our planet's delicate ecosystem. This print encompasses elements of nature photography at its finest - showcasing not only the splendor of wildlife but also highlighting zoology research for those passionate about understanding these incredible beings. Let us appreciate this stunning portrayal as a testament to both Canadian biodiversity and scientific exploration captured by Science Photo Library.

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