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UFOs Gallery

Choose from 51 pictures in our UFOs collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Hollywood science, conceptual artwork Featured UFOs Image

Hollywood science, conceptual artwork

Hollywood science. Conceptual artwork of UFOs and Isaac Newton, representing the use of science when producing animations and CGI in films. The UFOs are firing on a tree, producing flames and causing the apple to fall that legend says inspired Newton's work on gravity. The software used to produce detailed animations and CGI (computer-generated imagery) make extensive use of physics equations and theories to produce realistic depictions of fires and the trajectory of falling objects


Marina Popovich, USSR test pilot C016/2688 Featured UFOs Image

Marina Popovich, USSR test pilot C016/2688

Marina Popovich (b.1931), Russian-Soviet test pilot, climbing into a MiG-21 jet fighter. Popovich is one of the greatest female pilots of all time. She holds 107 world records in aviation set in more than 40 types of aircraft and logged more than 5, 600 flying hours. In 1964 she became the first woman to break the sound barrier, doing so in a MiG-21. She married cosmonaut Pavel Popovich and had two daughters, although they divorced some years later. She is an outspoken advocate of UFO sightings and has written several books on the subject. Photographed in 1966


Crashed alien spacecraft Featured UFOs Image

Crashed alien spacecraft

Crashed alien spacecraft. Computer artwork of an alien spacecraft that has crash-landed in a desert on Earth. This artwork is based on accounts of the Roswell incident, which took place near Roswell, New Mexico, USA. It was near here on the evening of 2 July 1947 that many UFO sightings were reported during a thunderstorm. Next morning, a rancher, Mac Brazel, discovered strange wreckage in a field. When the impact site was located, a UFO craft and alien bodies were allegedly found. The official explanation was that it was a crashed weather balloon. Conspiracy theorists believe that the true events were kept secret