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Introducing Piemags .... Everything you could want!

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An extraordinary and ordinary collection! Piemags sources image collections from all over the world just like magpies, collecting all the good, shiny stuff and bringing it back to the nest! Now you can explore the Piemags collection and easily turn them into beautifully printed works of art, gifts or home wares. There's lots to choose from, including images from the world's finest art galleries, museums, and private collections, covering art, history, space, and much more.

About Piemags

Piemags was founded by Paul Fearn in 2020 after 10 years of supplying images to stock agencies. At the age of 12 Paul joined the Air Training Corps and at 18, like his father, he joined the Royal Air Force. After a few years, he took a break to go into photography.

Photography and aviation seemed to be a great mix, and he's stuck with it ever since. Taking up photography full-time in 2010, contacts made during his Royal Air Force days gave Paul access to military bases and museums around the world, taking commissioned work for museums and government contracts to provide imagery for their publications. Eventually he opened his own agency and that's when Piemags was born.

Here's some inspiration to get you started

Works of Art

A fantastical collection of artworks across a time and place; paintings, prints, sketches, sculpture, photographs that tell stories and elevate the look of any space.

Map Art

Fascinating, historical detailed maps which make interesting works of art in their own right

Tasteful Military Art

Display military art in your space to add a tasteful display of land, sea, and air encounters