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The Ponte della Maddalena (called the Ponte del Diavolo) over the Serchio river

The Ponte della Maddalena (called the Ponte del Diavolo) over the Serchio river

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The Ponte della Maddalena (called the Ponte del Diavolo) over the Serchio river

The Ponte della Maddalena (called the Ponte del Diavolo) over the Serchio river Borgo a Mozzano Bridge Middle Ages, Europe, First and Second Millennium A.D.. Date of Photograph:1971. Date of Artwork:XIV sec

Quilici, Folco

Media ID 33208570

© Folco Quilici Alinari Archives

Arcade Bridge Landscape With Road Road Shore Track Village For Transportation Landscape Mountains Landscape Of River Courses Naval And River View Of The Country


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This print showcases the magnificent Ponte della Maddalena, famously known as the Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge), gracefully spanning over the Serchio river in Borgo a Mozzano. The bridge, dating back to the Middle Ages, stands as an architectural marvel that has withstood the test of time. Captured in 1971 by Quilici Folco, this artwork takes us on a journey through history, transporting us to Europe during the first and second millenniums A. D. The photograph beautifully captures every intricate detail of this ancient structure - from its building elements and decorative sections to its grand arcade and sturdy structure. As we gaze upon this image, we are immersed in a picturesque landscape that combines both natural beauty and man-made ingenuity. The bridge serves not only as a means of transportation but also as a symbol of connection between different parts of the village. Its strategic location along the river shore provides breathtaking views of both urban life and serene countryside. The aerial perspective offered by this bird's eye view allows us to appreciate how seamlessly this architectural masterpiece blends into its surroundings. With mountains towering in the distance and roads winding their way towards distant horizons, it is clear why this scene has captured countless hearts throughout centuries. Quilici Folco's photograph invites us to reflect on our own place within history while reminding us of humanity's remarkable ability to create enduring structures that stand tall against time itself. This artwork is not just a visual delight; it is an invitation to explore our collective past while appreciating nature's awe-inspiring landscapes.

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