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Portrait of an old woman of Turkana ethnicity, Island of Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolf)

Portrait of an old woman of Turkana ethnicity, Island of Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolf)

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Portrait of an old woman of Turkana ethnicity, Island of Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolf)

Portrait of an old woman of Turkana ethnicity, Island of Lake Turkana (formerly Lake Rudolf) Kenya. Date of Photograph:08-09/1974

Margiocco Aldo

Media ID 33185385

© Alinari Archives, Florence

Black Africans Ethnic Ethnic Traditional Landscape Lakes Necklace Negroid Populations Ethnography And Folklore Population And Nationality


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> Africa > Kenya > Lakes > Lake Rudolf

This photo print, titled "Portrait of an old woman of Turkana ethnicity" takes us on a journey to the Island of Lake Turkana in Kenya. Captured by Margiocco Aldo in August-September 1974, this image encapsulates the rich cultural heritage and timeless beauty of the Turkana people. The subject of this portrait is an elderly woman adorned in traditional attire, showcasing the intricate details and vibrant colors that define her ethnic identity. Her costume exudes elegance and pride, reflecting generations of craftsmanship passed down through time. A striking necklace graces her neck as a symbol of adornment and cultural significance. Set against the backdrop of Lake Turkana (formerly known as Lake Rudolf), this photograph not only captures the essence of its subject but also highlights the breathtaking landscape that surrounds her. The vastness and serenity of the lake provide a sense of tranquility, harmoniously blending with the resilience etched on her weathered face. As we gaze into her eyes, we are drawn into a world steeped in history and tradition. This portrait serves as a reminder that behind every wrinkle lies a story waiting to be told – stories that have shaped communities, preserved customs, and celebrated diversity. Margiocco Aldo's lens has masterfully captured not just an individual but also an entire population's narrative - one deeply rooted in black African culture. Through his lens, he invites us to appreciate anthropology's power to preserve ethnography while simultaneously celebrating folklore. In this single frame frozen in time, we witness humanity at its most authentic form – resilient yet graceful; proud yet humble; ancient yet timeless. It serves as both a testament to our shared human experience across borders and cultures while honoring each unique thread within our global tapestry

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