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★★★★★ - David, Perth
“Thrilled with my framed print! The frame itself is real quality and it was well packaged to fully protect it. I have recently ordered a couple of framed prints from other companies but none are the quality or show the care that Media Storehouse provide. Excellent in all aspects!”

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Turn your space into a gallery with the simple addition of a framed art print.

If you're looking to give your print that 'Louvre' style; a frame might be what you're looking for. Frames go a long way in adding a sense of sophistication and refinement to a print or poster. Just by simply framing a piece of art gives it more purpose and impact to your desired space.

Here at Media Storehouse we print and frame every photo from our vast library of images with great care and professional craftsmanship. Our contemporary and sturdy wood grain effect frames come in a range of different styles and colors to meet your specific style.

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Contemporary Frames

Framed Prints are available in a range of sizes and colors, with a choice of white or black card mount. Experiment with different frames and mounts to find the right combination for you. Please note: these are our Australian Framed Prints, other regions may vary.

Our range of modern contemporary frames include


Black Ash Wood Effect
Dark Oak Wood Effect
Whitewashed Wood Effect


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Our frames are available in a variety of sizes

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Over 30,000 customers have created framed photo prints with us!

Framed Prints Built to Last

Our Framed Prints come with a hardboard back stapled with a hanger, topped off with a glass-like Styrene Plastic finish. Not only can our durable Styrene Plastic glazing protect your prints from dust and curious pets, but it is also virtually unbreakable and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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What is a Framed Print?

Framed Prints provide a decorative and safe way to display photographs. Prints are encased in a frame with a clear glazed front and supportive back. Originally glazed using glass (dangerous and heavy to ship) many frames now use durable Styrene Plastics that are lighter, safer, and often have better optical properties. Frames can be made out of most robust materials, with most commercial frames comprising molded plastic, wood, or simulated wood-effect molded plastic. The rear is ideally MDF hardboard stapled to the frame, mass produced frames may use rotating locking pins instead. For a better finish prints can be mounted behind a paper based mat (or matte or mount) to separate the print from the glass. To securely hold the print in place and prevent it from buckling over time it should also be adhered onto a mounting or backing board. We hope this helps answer your question as to what and how Framed Prints are made.

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