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Nepal, Kathmandu

Nepal, Kathmandu

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Nepal, Kathmandu

Nepal, Kathmandu, Bodhnath stupa, Lhosar Tibetan & Sherpa New Year festival, People walking round the stupa
Nepal, Kathmandu, Bodhnath stupa, Lhosar Tibetan & Sherpa New Year festival, People walking round the stupa
NEPAL, Kathmandu, Bagmati

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Bodhnath Boudhanath Himalayan Himalayas Kathmandu Kathmandu Valley Nepal Nepalese Nepali Religious Buildings Stupa Temples Walking Bagmati


> Asia > Nepal > Kathmandu

> Asia > Nepal > Nepal Heritage Sites > Kathmandu Valley

This print captures the vibrant essence of Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu. The focal point is the magnificent Bodhnath stupa, an iconic symbol of Buddhism and a UNESCO World Heritage site. As Lhosar Tibetan & Sherpa New Year festival takes place, people can be seen walking in a circular motion around the stupa, engaging in religious rituals and prayers. The image showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nepal as well as its deep-rooted spirituality. The Himalayan backdrop adds to the mystical aura surrounding this sacred site. It is evident that Buddhism plays a significant role in shaping the lives of Nepalese people. Jane Sweeney skillfully captures both the architectural grandeur and human connection within this photograph. Each individual walking around the base of the stupa represents a unique story and personal journey towards enlightenment. This print serves as a reminder of Nepal's allure as a travel destination for those seeking spiritual awakening or simply immersing themselves in diverse cultures. It encapsulates moments frozen in time, inviting viewers to explore their own sense of spirituality while appreciating the beauty that lies within different religions and traditions. Discover Images by AWL offers us an opportunity to witness extraordinary scenes like these through Jane Sweeney's lens, allowing us to experience distant lands from our own homes.

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