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Kabyle de l'Hippodrome

Kabyle de l'Hippodrome

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Kabyle de l'Hippodrome

3782929 Kabyle de l'Hippodrome; ( Kabyle de l'Hippodrome: Kabyle wearing traditional North African headdress and robes. Possibly holding elongated pipe. From series Paris au XIX. Siecle (hand- coloured lithograph Parisian costume plates, heightened with gum arabic) c.1855-56.); Lebrecht History

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© Lebrecht History / Bridgeman Images

Africa African African Algeria Algeria Algerian Algerian Algerians Arab Country Arab Culture Colonised Colony Engravings Indigenous Maghreb Maghrebi Maghrebian North African 19e Siecle 19th Century 19th C Afica Afric Arab Civilization Arabians Francais Gravure Engraving Social History


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Kabyle de l'Hippodrome: A Glimpse into North African Tradition". This photo print, titled "Kabyle de l'Hippodrome" offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of North Africa during the 19th century. The image showcases a Kabyle individual adorned in traditional headdress and robes, possibly holding an elongated pipe. The photograph is part of the renowned series 'Paris au XIX. Siecle, ' which features hand-colored lithographs depicting Parisian costume plates from that era. Created around 1855-56, this particular print stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and use of gum arabic to enhance certain elements. The subject's attire reflects their affiliation with the Kabyle people, who are indigenous to Algeria in North Africa. Their distinctive headdress and robes symbolize their cultural identity and traditions passed down through generations. As we delve deeper into this image, it becomes evident that it represents more than just fashion or aesthetics; it serves as a testament to Arab civilization and culture within France during this period. It highlights the intermingling of diverse cultures within Europe while shedding light on colonial influences prevalent at that time. Through this enchanting engraving, we witness not only the artistic prowess of Bridgeman Images but also gain insight into social history by exploring colonial illustrations from the late nineteenth century. Let us appreciate this remarkable piece as both an artistic treasure and a historical artifact—a visual gateway connecting us with Algeria's past, celebrating its vibrant heritage while fostering cross-cultural understanding between Europe and Africa.

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