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Buttering Collection

"Indulging in the Art of Buttering: A Delicious Journey Through Time" Breakfast before the Hunt

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"Indulging in the Art of Buttering: A Delicious Journey Through Time" Breakfast before the Hunt, 1903 (oil on canvas): Step into a bygone era as we witness the aristocracy savoring their morning meal, with freshly baked bread and creamy butter to fuel their adventures. I saw such a lovely hat today, Dear (colour litho): Amidst lively conversation and laughter, a lady delicately spreads butter on her toast while admiring an exquisite hat that caught her eye earlier in the day. Cartoon, Henry Irving being buttered up: Discover a comical depiction of renowned actor Henry Irving receiving flattery and praise like spreading layers of smooth butter over warm toast. ROAST PARSNIPS: Join us at the dinner table where golden-brown parsnips glisten with melted butter, enhancing their irresistible flavors for a truly satisfying culinary experience. Parents with daughter (8-9) eating breakfast at home (B&W): Witness heartwarming family moments as parents lovingly guide their young daughter's hand to spread just the right amount of creamy goodness onto her morning toast. Girl spreading butter on toast, smiling, portrait: Catch a glimpse of pure joy as a young girl confidently spreads velvety butter onto her slice of toasted bread – capturing both innocence and satisfaction in one delightful image. Loaves of white and brown bread, some slices cut away, a bowl of butter, a knife and chopping board: Immerse yourself in kitchen essentials that form the foundation for countless delectable creations – fresh loaves waiting to be adorned with luscious layers of rich butter. Woman's hands rubbing butter onto raw chicken, close-up: Experience culinary expertise firsthand as skilled hands tenderly massage softened butter into raw chicken – an essential step towards achieving succulent flavors when cooking this beloved protein. Coating a flan tin with melted butter.