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Cameo Brooch Collection

Rock Steady. Last of the Teddy Girls - fashion and attitude. Photo by Ken Russell

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Rock Steady. Last of the Teddy Girls - fashion and attitude. Photo by Ken Russell. In this captivating image, we are transported back to a time when rebellion and style merged seamlessly in the form of the iconic Cameo Brooch. Created by Michael Fenga around 1936, this brooch encapsulates the essence of an era that celebrated individuality and self-expression. The portrait of Fanny Holman Hunt from 1866-68 serves as a reminder that fashion has always been a powerful tool for women to assert their identity. Just like Fanny, these Teddy Girls from January 1955 exude confidence and defiance through their unique sense of style. Elsie, Josie, Rosa Price, Vera - names that may have faded into history if not for Ken Russell's lens capturing their youthful spirit forever. These young women embody the last remnants of a subculture known as the Teddy Girls; rebellious trendsetters who dared to challenge societal norms with their distinctive fashion choices. With her hair perfectly coiffed and adorned with her cherished Cameo Brooch, Josie stands tall at seventeen years old. The brooch becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes a symbol of strength and resilience against conformity. Rosa Price's confident gaze at eighteen years old speaks volumes about her determination to break free from conventions imposed upon her generation. Her Cameo Brooch acts as both armor and statement piece - an emblematic representation of her unwavering spirit. Vera's nineteen-year-old self radiates elegance mixed with audacity as she proudly displays her Cameo Brooch on her lapel, and is clear that these young women understand the power behind every carefully chosen detail in their outfits – each element contributing to their overall aura of independence. Grace Living at seventeen epitomizes gracefulness intertwined with rebellion through her choice of attire complemented by the timeless Cameo Brooch adorning her collarbone.