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Castillo De San Salvador De La Punta Collection

Discover the captivating beauty in Havana, Cuba

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Discover the captivating beauty in Havana, Cuba. Nestled near Hotel Paseo del Prado and El Morro Castle, this historic fortress stands as a testament to Cuba's rich heritage. As the sun rises over the horizon, a vintage car gracefully cruises along El Malecon with the majestic castle as its backdrop. Built in 1589, Punta Castle has witnessed centuries of history unfold within its walls. Immerse yourself in the charm of Havana as you drive past Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta, marveling at its grandeur and significance. With Havana Harbor under its watchful eye, this fortress played a crucial role in protecting the city from invaders throughout time. As dusk settles over La Habana Province, experience an enchanting sunset view from The Malecon towards Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta. The warm hues paint the sky while casting a mesmerizing glow upon this architectural gem. Step back in time and explore this iconic landmark that holds countless stories within its stone walls. Whether it's admiring it during sunrise or witnessing it illuminated against an evening sky, Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta is sure to leave you awe-inspired.