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Chaffeur Collection

"Journey through Time: The Glamorous Life of a Chauffeur" Step back in time and join Hywel Bennett as Michael

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"Journey through Time: The Glamorous Life of a Chauffeur" Step back in time and join Hywel Bennett as Michael, the dashing chauffeur who navigates his way through the fascinating world of motoring caps. From the trade catalogue of 1911 to the captivating scene from "All The Way Up, " where Michael's charm steals hearts, this is a tale that spans decades. In 1922, draped in a luxurious Kolinsky Fur Coat, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia arrives for a royal wedding accompanied by the bridegroom. Witnessing such grand events like "The Royal Wedding, " where Queen Mary and Princess Nicholas of Greece grace us with their presence, showcases just how integral Michael's role is. But it's not all about royalty; Miss Melissa Kemp takes center stage at Bar Point to Point races in Northaw, Hertfordshire in 1925. Her elegance matches that of Ascot Captain and Mrs Ambrose Goddard during the same year. Love blossoms when Yorkshire bridegroom Mr Albany K meets Miss Diana Beckett - captured forever in time. From horse shows to special jobs for Crossley Motors, Baron Erik Palmstierna stands proudly beside his vehicle while Mr Shepperd handles business matters in Sidcup, Kent during 1935. These glimpses into daily life highlight both the prestige and hard work involved in being a chauffeur. Join Mrs Guy Staveley and her son Anthony at East Berkshire horse show in 1928 as they revel in their stylish ride provided by none other than our protagonist himself, and is through these moments that we see how chauffeurs become an essential part of people's lives - providing comfort and style on every journey. So buckle up for this captivating ride through history as we uncover the untold stories behind those who sat behind the wheel - bringing glamour and sophistication to every destination they reached.