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London Weekend Television Collection

"London Weekend Television

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"London Weekend Television: A Star-Studded Showcase of Entertainment and Sports" British actresses Lesley Anne Down and Jacqueline Tong are set to captivate audiences with their talent as they take center stage in the new London Weekend Television lineup. The excitement is palpable as these talented ladies grace the photo-call, introducing some of the shows that will undoubtedly leave viewers spellbound. One such program is "The Big Match, " a beloved football program by London Weekend Television. Football enthusiasts can rejoice as they eagerly anticipate thrilling matches, expert analysis, and unforgettable moments on the pitch. But it's not just sports that LWT has in store for its audience. The launch of "The Trouble With the Sixties" promises to transport viewers back in time, exploring an era filled with cultural shifts and iconic figures like George Best. This captivating show offers a unique perspective on one of history's most fascinating decades. In rehearsals for ITV, Derby County manager Brian Clough showcases his versatility by stepping into the role of a football pundit. His expertise shines through as he prepares to provide insightful commentary on upcoming matches - a testament to LWT's commitment to delivering top-notch sports coverage. Lesley Anne Down and Jacqueline Tong continue to steal hearts as they prepare for their roles in this exciting new venture from London Weekend Television. Their undeniable talent ensures that viewers will be treated to performances that are nothing short of extraordinary. As anticipation builds around each carefully curated show, it becomes clear that London Weekend Television is ready to captivate audiences with an eclectic mix of entertainment and sports programming. So sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with laughter, drama, passion - all courtesy of LWT.