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Queen Victoria Statue Collection

"Remembering Queen Victoria: A Symbol of Strength and Resilience" Liverpool, Merseyside. August 1941. During the Blitz

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"Remembering Queen Victoria: A Symbol of Strength and Resilience" Liverpool, Merseyside. August 1941. During the Blitz. Picture shows the Old Bobby & Co department Store standing tall amidst the chaos, with the Queen Victoria Statue as a reminder of hope. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. 2nd June 1967. The Parade comes alive as locals gather around the Queen Victoria Statue in front of Debenhams Department Store, celebrating unity and community spirit. Hull, Yorkshire, December 1946. After World War Two ended, Queen Victoria Square shines brightly with its newly restored statue - a symbol of resilience and victory over adversity. Liverpool Footballer Kenny Dalglish with his wife Marina son Paul pause for a moment by the majestic Queen Victoria Statue in their hometown - a testament to Liverpool's rich history and heritage. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. 11th August 1982. The bustling streets are adorned with shoppers admiring the timeless elegance of The Parade's Queen Victoria Statue outside Debenhams Department Store. Windsor Great Park, Windsor Berkshire unveils an enchanting sight - Windsor Castle towering behind the regal figure of Queen Victoria on her statue; an embodiment of British tradition and grandeur. London Kensington Palace stands proud alongside its iconic resident -the magnificent Queen Victoria Statue- representing strength and grace that resonates throughout England's capital city. Winchester's King Arthur's Round Table boasts not only legendary tales but also a charming addition – a photograph capturing both history and beauty through its depiction of King Arthur’s Round Table alongside the revered presence of our beloved monarch –Queen Victoria herself. Buckingham Palace in London showcases another masterpiece -the Peaceful Victory Memorial featuring none other than our beloved queen herself-Queen Victoriawho continues to inspire peace even today.