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Tauric Collection

Taurica, a land steeped in history and rich with archaeological wonders

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Taurica, a land steeped in history and rich with archaeological wonders. From the captivating view of Taurida in 1791 to the intriguing Allegory of the conquest of Taurida by Stefano Torelli, this region has always fascinated explorers and historians alike. One cannot help but be mesmerized by the Panticapaeum archaeological site in Kerch, Crimea, where ancient ruins whisper tales of a forgotten civilization. The Saint Andrews Monument stands tall as a testament to the enduring legacy of this land. As we wander through the Chersonesus Taurica ruins, we are transported back in time, walking among remnants that once formed a thriving Greek colony. Each stone holds secrets waiting to be unraveled by those who dare to delve into its past. The echoes of ancient civilizations resonate through these crumbling walls. In Ukraine's Crimea lies the Panticapaeum archaeological site - an enchanting place where one can almost hear whispers from centuries ago. Here, history comes alive as you explore its intricate maze-like streets and marvel at its well-preserved structures. The Chersonesus Taurica ruins stand proudly as reminders of a glorious era when this city was at its peak. As we walk along these hallowed grounds, it is impossible not to feel humbled by their grandeur and significance. Taurica beckons us with its allure - an invitation to immerse ourselves in its storied past and uncover hidden treasures buried beneath layers of time, and is here that history unfolds before our eyes; each step taken reveals another chapter waiting to be discovered. So come forth and embark on a journey through Taurica's fascinating landscapes.