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The Marchand expedition: fighting at Kimbedi, Congo, 19 October 1896

The Marchand expedition: fighting at Kimbedi, Congo, 19 October 1896

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The Marchand expedition: fighting at Kimbedi, Congo, 19 October 1896

The Marchand expedition: fighting at Kimbedi, Congo, 19 October 1896. In 1896-1898 Jean-Baptiste Marchand (1863-1934), a French army officer, led an expedition which crossed Africa from the mouth of the Congo via the source of the White Nile to Fashoda (Kodok) in the Sudan. Part of a Private Collection

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This print captures a significant moment in history - the Marchand expedition's intense battle at Kimbedi, Congo on 19 October 1896. Led by Jean-Baptiste Marchand, a brave French army officer, this expedition embarked on an extraordinary journey across Africa from the mouth of the Congo to Fashoda (Kodok) in Sudan. The photograph showcases the courage and determination of these explorers as they fought for their mission amidst the backdrop of colonialism. In this vivid lithograph, we see men dressed in military uniforms engaged in combat with rifles and guns. Their faces reflect both concentration and resilience as they defend their position. The image not only highlights the bravery of these soldiers but also serves as a reminder of the harsh realities faced during exploration and warfare. The color palette used adds depth to this historic scene, emphasizing both the beauty and brutality witnessed during this time period. As we gaze upon this artwork, we are transported back to a pivotal moment in African history when nations were vying for control over territories. Preserved within a private collection, this print allows us to appreciate Major Jean Baptiste Marchand's remarkable achievements while acknowledging the impact that European powers had on African countries during the nineteenth century. It serves as a testament to human ambition and reminds us of our shared pasts that have shaped our present world.

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