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Polychrome Standing Figure with Exaggerated Head and Hips, A. D. 1 / 300. Creator: Unknown

Polychrome Standing Figure with Exaggerated Head and Hips, A. D. 1  /  300. Creator: Unknown

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Polychrome Standing Figure with Exaggerated Head and Hips, A. D. 1 / 300. Creator: Unknown

Polychrome Standing Figure with Exaggerated Head and Hips, A.D. 1/300

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1st Century Ad 2nd Century 3rd Century Ceramic And Pigment Cream Cream Colour Drowsy Large Mesoamerican Mexican Mexico Nayarit Oversized Pigment Pre Colombian Pre Columbian Precolombian Precolumbian Scale 1st Century Arts Of The Americas Chinesco Earthenware Hips Thigh


> Animals > Insects > Hemiptera > Black Scale

> Animals > Insects > Hemiptera > Mexican Black Scale

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This print showcases a Polychrome Standing Figure with Exaggerated Head and Hips, believed to be created between the 1st and 3rd century A. D. in Mexico. The artist behind this remarkable sculpture remains unknown, adding an air of mystery to its allure. The figure's oversized head and hips immediately draw attention, emphasizing the significance of these features within Mesoamerican art. The use of vibrant polychrome ceramic and pigment enhances the visual impact, showcasing the mastery of ancient artisans in creating intricate decorative arts. Displayed at the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, this artwork stands tall as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of pre-Columbian civilizations. Its large scale demands admiration as it commands attention within any gallery space. A close-up perspective allows viewers to appreciate every detail meticulously crafted by hand. From the drowsy expression on its face to the carefully sculpted thigh, each element contributes to a harmonious composition that captivates both art enthusiasts and historians alike. As we gaze upon this mesmerizing piece from centuries past, we are reminded of our connection with ancient civilizations and their artistic expressions. This photograph serves as a window into an era long gone but forever preserved through such masterpieces – reminding us that art truly transcends time.

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