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Rosa centifolia anemonoides, hundred-petalled anemone rose

Rosa centifolia anemonoides, hundred-petalled anemone rose

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Rosa centifolia anemonoides, hundred-petalled anemone rose

Painting by Pierre Joseph Redout? (1759-1840) from Les Roses Vol. 1, 1817. Illustration entitled La Centfeuilles Anemone

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Anemone Cabbage Province Rose Cabbage Rose Eudicot Eudicotinae Eurosid Fabidae Hundred Les Rose Moss Rose Pierre Joseph Redouté Ranunculaceae Ranunculales Angiospermae Dicot Dicotyledon Magnoliophyta

This exquisite painting by Pierre Joseph Redouté, titled "La Centfeuilles Anemone," or the Hundred-Petalled Anemone Rose, showcases the stunning beauty of Rosa centifolia anemonoides, a member of the Ranunculaceae family and the Rosaceae order. As an eudicot, this flowering plant belongs to the Magnoliophyta division, characterized by its seed-bearing ovary and net-like veins. The Hundred-Petalled Anemone Rose, also known as the Moss Rose or Cabbage Rose, is a popular variety in the Anemone province of the Rosaceae family. With its eudicotyledonous nature, it is part of the Eudicotinae subclass and the Rosales order. The name "anemonoides" refers to its resemblance to the anemone, a flower with radial symmetry and numerous petals. In this masterpiece, Redouté captures the delicate intricacy of the Hundred-Petalled Anemone Rose, with its numerous petals arranged in a perfect, symmetrical pattern. The petals, which can number from 50 to over 200, are soft and velvety, often displaying a pink hue with a golden center. The plant's name derives from the Latin "centum," meaning hundred, and "folium," meaning leaf, reflecting the numerous petals and the plant's mossy appearance. Redouté's illustration, created in 1817 for his renowned series "Les Roses," showcases the artist's exceptional skill in botanical painting. The attention to detail, from the delicate veins on the petals to the intricate texture of the mossy stems, highlights the unique beauty of this flower. As a testament to Redouté's artistic prowess and the allure of the Hundred-Petalled Anemone Rose, this painting remains a cherished example of botanical art and a celebration of the natural world's splendor.

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