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Interested press and spectators inspect Mr Geoffrey Rippon

Interested press and spectators inspect Mr Geoffrey Rippon

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Interested press and spectators inspect Mr Geoffrey Rippon

Interested press and spectators inspect Mr Geoffrey Rippons new electric powered mini.
Mr Geoffrey Rippon, Minister of the Environment, today took delivery at The ministry Offices in Marsham Street of an electric powered mini. His first official trip in the chauffeur driven mini traveller was to Downing Street to see the Prime Minister, where (in another frame in this set) Mrs Thatcher who had just arrived in her large limousine paused for a moment as she saw the mini arriving at Downing Street.
Picture taken 21st November 1973

Tom King
Daily Mirror
Greater London

Media ID 21769464

© Mirrorpix

Austin Downing Street Electric Car Engineering Invention Mini Motoring Science Test Drive 1973

This print captures a moment in history when the world was abuzz with curiosity and excitement. The scene unfolds at Marsham Street, where interested press members and spectators gather to inspect Mr Geoffrey Rippon's groundbreaking new invention - an electric-powered mini. It is November 21st, 1973, a time when technological advancements were transforming industries worldwide. Mr Rippon, the esteemed Minister of the Environment, stands proudly beside his creation as he takes delivery of this revolutionary vehicle. With its sleek design and innovative engineering, the electric mini promises to revolutionize motoring as we know it. In another frame from this remarkable set of images, we witness Mrs Thatcher herself pausing for a moment outside Downing Street upon seeing Mr Rippon's arrival in his chauffeur-driven mini traveller. This unexpected encounter between two influential figures symbolizes the intersection of politics and progress during that era. As we delve into this snapshot from memory lane, it becomes evident that science and industry were colliding harmoniously in pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions. Tom King skillfully captures not only the physicality but also the essence of an era defined by invention and ambition. This print serves as a timeless reminder that even amidst political corridors and grand limousines, innovation can emerge unexpectedly – forever altering our perception of what is possible on four wheels.

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