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Artwork of human heart with abstract colours

Artwork of human heart with abstract colours

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Artwork of human heart with abstract colours

Human heart. Artwork showing an external view of a healthy human heart, with abstract colours superimposed. The hearts main blood vessels are from left to right: superior vena cava (blue), aorta (red), pulmonary artery (blue), and the pulmonary veins (2 narrower vessels, red). The heart pumps blood around the body. It consists of four chambers: those on the left side (at right on image) receive oxygenated blood from the lungs and pump it to the body via the aorta. Blood drained from the body is pumped through the right side of the heart to the lungs, through pulmonary arteries. Special conduction mechanisms in the heart muscle maintain its pump-rhythm

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This artwork of a human heart with abstract colors is a visual representation of the intricate beauty that lies within our bodies. The external view showcases a healthy heart, adorned with vibrant and mesmerizing hues that bring life to this vital organ. The main blood vessels are prominently displayed from left to right: the superior vena cava in blue, the aorta in red, the pulmonary artery again in blue, and two narrower vessels representing the pulmonary veins in red. These vessels play an essential role in circulating oxygenated blood throughout our body. As we delve deeper into understanding this masterpiece, we discover that the heart consists of four chambers. On the right side (as seen on the image's left), deoxygenated blood is pumped from various parts of our body through these chambers towards the lungs via pulmonary arteries. Simultaneously, on its left side (at right on image), oxygenated blood received from our lungs is propelled through these chambers and distributed to every nook and cranny via the mighty aorta. What makes this artwork even more fascinating is its depiction of special conduction mechanisms within the heart muscle responsible for maintaining its rhythmic pumping action. It serves as a reminder of how intricately designed our bodies are to sustain life. This print not only celebrates artistry but also educates us about one of nature's most remarkable creations –the human heart– showcasing both its anatomical details and aesthetic allure.

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