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Dinosaurs in snow

Dinosaurs in snow

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Dinosaurs in snow

Dinosaurs in snow. Computer illustration of two Hypsilophodontid dinosaurs walking in snow. These small herbivorous dinosaurs, about the size of a turkey, lived in southern Australia around 100 million years ago (Cretaceous period). At this time Australia was extremely far south in latitude, and would have been cold and dark for much of the year. Studies of these dinosaurs have revealed that their skulls contain adaptations for seeing in low light. To cope with the cold, they are likely to have been warm-blooded

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Antarctica Australia Dinosaur Snow Palaeontology

This print titled "Dinosaurs in Snow" takes us back in time to the Cretaceous period, approximately 100 million years ago. The computer illustration showcases two Hypsilophodontid dinosaurs gracefully walking through a snowy landscape. These small herbivorous creatures, similar in size to turkeys, once roamed southern Australia when it was located much farther south than it is today. During this era, Australia experienced long periods of darkness and extreme cold temperatures. However, these resilient dinosaurs adapted to their environment by developing specialized adaptations for low-light vision within their skulls. This fascinating insight into their anatomy sheds light on how they managed to survive and thrive during the harsh winters. The artist's attention to detail is evident as they expertly recreate the prehistoric scene with meticulous precision. The snow-covered terrain contrasts beautifully against the vibrant colors of the dinosaurs' scales, creating a visually stunning composition. This artwork not only captures our imagination but also serves as a reminder of Earth's ever-changing climate throughout history. It reminds us that even in seemingly inhospitable conditions, life finds a way to adapt and flourish. Science Photo Library continues to provide awe-inspiring glimpses into our planet's past through breathtaking illustrations like this one.

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