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Emperor penguins with chick

Emperor penguins with chick

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Emperor penguins with chick

Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) pair with their three-month-old chick. The adults feed the chicks by regurgitating fish. These are the only penguins to breed in the Antarctic during the winter. Each pair produces a single egg, which the males incubate on their feet, surviving the extreme cold by huddling in large groups. Males fast during the two month incubation period and lose almost half their body mass by the end. The emperor is the largest penguin, standing around 115 centimetres tall and weighing 30 to 40 kilograms. Photographed at Cape Washington, Antarctica

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This print captures the heartwarming scene of an Emperor penguin pair with their adorable three-month-old chick. The adults, standing proud and tall at around 115 centimeters, demonstrate their remarkable parental care by regurgitating fish to feed their young one. These magnificent creatures are the only penguins that brave the harsh Antarctic winter for breeding. In this image, taken at Cape Washington in Antarctica, we witness the incredible survival strategies employed by these flightless birds. Males incubate a single egg on their feet for two months, enduring extreme cold temperatures by huddling together in large groups known as rookeries. During this time, they fast and lose almost half of their body mass. Emperor penguins are not only the largest species of penguins but also exhibit fascinating social behavior within their colonies. This photograph showcases a glimpse into their aquatic world where they thrive as carnivorous piscivores – fish eaters. The serene backdrop of Cape Washington provides a stunning setting for this moment frozen in time. As we admire this image from Science Photo Library's collection, we can't help but be captivated by the beauty and resilience displayed by these majestic creatures in nature's grandest theater – Antarctica.

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