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False-colour TEM of a section through a liver cell

False-colour TEM of a section through a liver cell

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False-colour TEM of a section through a liver cell

False colour transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of a section through a human hepatocyte, a liver cell. Hepatocytes function in the storage of glycogen (metabolized from excess glucose) and processing of lipid. Glycogen is represented by numerous red bodies. A vacuole containing triglyceride appears yellow, with mitochondria coloured green & yellow. In addition to being a prime site of the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, other important liver functions include: detoxification of waste products; reclamation of spent red cells; synthesis & secretion of bile and blood clotting agents. Magnification: X 9000 at 35mm size

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Glycogen Hepatocyte Liver Liver Cell Vacuole False Coloured

This print showcases the intricate world within a liver cell, captured using false-colour transmission electron microscopy. The image reveals a section through a human hepatocyte, the primary functional unit of the liver. The vibrant colours highlight different cellular components and processes. Numerous red bodies represent glycogen, which is stored in hepatocytes after excess glucose is metabolized. A yellow vacuole containing triglyceride stands out amidst the sea of red, while mitochondria are beautifully colored in shades of green and yellow. Beyond its role in carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, and fat processing, the liver serves as an essential hub for various vital functions. It acts as a detoxification center for waste products accumulated within our body systems. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in recycling spent red blood cells. Synthesis and secretion of bile by hepatocytes aid digestion and facilitate nutrient absorption from our diet. Moreover, this remarkable organ produces blood clotting agents that help prevent excessive bleeding. At magnification X 9000 at 35mm size, this stunning image offers us an extraordinary glimpse into the microscopic world within our own bodies. It reminds us of the complexity and beauty hidden beneath our skin while highlighting the incredible capabilities of our liver cells to sustain life through their multifaceted roles.

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