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French coastline

French coastline

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French coastline

French coastline. True-colour satellite image of the Atlantic coastline of south-west France. North is at top. Vegetation is green and water is blue. A sandy beach (white) stretches up the coast. Over time the sand has moved northwards by longshore drift to form a bar that has cut off two saltwater lagoons (upper centre) from the Atlantic Ocean. A sand bar that is permanently exposed above sea level is known as a barrier-beach. At top right is the city of Bordeaux (grey/pale blue). Another bar is partially blocking the entrance to Arcachon Bay (Bassin d Arcachon, upper centre)

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City Coast Coast Line Coastal Coastlines France From Space Sand Satellite Image Arcachon Bay Bordeaux Sand Bar

This stunning true-color satellite image captures the breathtaking French coastline in all its natural beauty. The Atlantic coastline of south-west France is displayed, with the north positioned at the top of the photo. The vibrant green hues depict lush vegetation, while the mesmerizing blue shades represent the vast expanse of water. Stretching along this picturesque coast is a pristine sandy beach that extends as far as the eye can see. Over time, an interesting phenomenon known as longshore drift has caused sand to gradually move northwards and form a barrier-beach. This natural occurrence has resulted in two saltwater lagoons being cut off from direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, which are visible towards the upper center of the image. Intriguingly, at the top right corner lies Bordeaux, depicted by pale grey and blue tones. This bustling city adds a touch of urban charm amidst nature's grandeur. Additionally, another sand bar partially obstructs entry into Arcachon Bay (Bassin d'Arcachon), adding further intrigue to this coastal landscape. The photograph showcases not only France's diverse coastal geography but also highlights how natural forces shape our environment over time. From space, this satellite image provides a unique perspective on these fascinating coastlines and their intricate features such as sand bars and lagoons. It serves as a reminder of Earth's awe-inspiring wonders captured through scientific exploration by Science Photo Library.

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