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GeoSat image of ocean currents

GeoSat image of ocean currents

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GeoSat image of ocean currents

Ocean currents in the Atlantic. False-colour map showing the main warm-water currents of the Atlantic Ocean. These are seen hee as red patches. Toward top left, off the coast of North America, is the Gulf Stream. At bottom centre is the south- flowing Brazil current, forced into this swirling pattern by the opposing Falkland cold current. At bottom right, below the south tip of Africa, is the Agulhas current. This image was composed from radar altimetry data gathered by the US Navys Geosat satellite in 1987-1988

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Atlantic Current Gulf Stream

This print showcases a mesmerizing view of the ocean currents in the Atlantic, captured by the GeoSat satellite. The false-color map highlights the main warm-water currents with vibrant red patches that dominate the image. At first glance, one's attention is drawn to the prominent Gulf Stream, located towards the top left off the coast of North America. This powerful current flows swiftly and influences weather patterns along its path. Moving towards the bottom center, we encounter another fascinating sight: the south-flowing Brazil current. Its swirling pattern is a result of its interaction with the opposing Falkland cold current, creating an intricate dance between warm and cold waters. Finally, at bottom right, below Africa's southern tip lies yet another significant feature -the Agulhas current. Known for its strength and influence on global climate systems, this dynamic flow plays a crucial role in redistributing heat around our planet. The composition of this remarkable image was made possible through radar altimetry data collected by US Navy's Geosat satellite during 1987-1988. It offers us a unique perspective on these vital oceanic movements that shape our world. Captured by Science Photo Library, this stunning print serves as a reminder of nature's awe-inspiring power and beauty found within Earth's vast oceans.

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