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Section through human abdomen

Section through human abdomen

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Section through human abdomen

Illustration of a section through the human abdomen describing the process of continous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, the infusion of dialysis fluid from a plastic bag directly into the peritoneal cavity via a plastic catheter. The purpose of both peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis (performed on a kidney machine) are to remove waste products from body fluids of a person whose kidneys function insufficiently. In both cases the principles of dialysis are identical (see detail at top right): waste solutes in blood diffuse across a semipermeable membrane (in this case the peritoneal membrane) towards the lower solute concentrations of the dialysis fluid

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Dialysis Systems Technique Health Care Life Support System

This print showcases a detailed illustration of a section through the human abdomen, shedding light on the fascinating process of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. The image vividly depicts the infusion of dialysis fluid from a plastic bag directly into the peritoneal cavity via a plastic catheter. Both peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis play crucial roles in removing waste products from the body fluids of individuals whose kidneys are unable to function adequately. This intricate medical procedure serves as a life support system for those in need, ensuring their health and well-being. The principles underlying both types of dialysis are beautifully illustrated here: waste solutes present in blood diffuse across a semipermeable membrane, namely the peritoneal membrane, towards lower solute concentrations found within the dialysis fluid. This remarkable mechanism allows for effective filtration and purification of bodily fluids. As we delve into this visual representation, it becomes evident that this image is not merely an artistic creation but rather an invaluable tool for medical professionals seeking to understand and implement these lifesaving techniques. Science Photo Library has once again provided us with an insightful glimpse into the world of medicine, showcasing cutting-edge technology and equipment that revolutionize healthcare practices worldwide.

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