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Water wheel for pumping water

Water wheel for pumping water

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Water wheel for pumping water

Water wheel. Engraving of a water wheel in the 18th century. The wheel was used to power pistons (at far left and far right) which pumped water from a river to a waterworks. This water wheel could pump over 18 million litres of water a day. Image of a water wheel on the River Thames at London Bridge in London, UK, in 1749. It had been built by the London Bridge Waterworks Company; this was the first water company in Britain, having been established in 1581. Image taken from Knowledge and Pleasure (Volume 5, 1749)

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Energy History Of Science Pump Wheel

This print showcases an extraordinary piece of 18th-century technology - a water wheel designed for pumping water. Engraved with meticulous detail, the image reveals the sheer ingenuity of this invention. The massive wheel, positioned on the River Thames at London Bridge in London, was constructed by the pioneering London Bridge Waterworks Company. With its purpose clearly defined, this remarkable contraption harnessed the power of flowing river water to activate pistons situated at both ends. These pistons tirelessly worked to pump copious amounts of water from the river to nearby waterworks. Astonishingly efficient, this particular water wheel had an astonishing capacity to pump over 18 million liters of precious liquid each day. As we delve into history's scientific advancements, it becomes evident that this monumental creation played a crucial role in shaping our understanding and utilization of energy sources during that era. It stands as a testament to human innovation and resourcefulness. The significance of this image extends beyond its technical marvels; it also sheds light on Britain's rich industrial heritage. Established way back in 1581, the London Bridge Waterworks Company holds the distinction of being Britain's first-ever water company. This groundbreaking institution paved the way for future advancements in providing clean and accessible drinking water throughout urban centers. Preserved through time within these intricate engravings is not just a snapshot from history but also a glimpse into humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge and progress.

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