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Octodontidae Gallery

Choose from 163 pictures in our Octodontidae collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Rufous-tailed jacamar, Galbula ruficauda Featured Octodontidae Image

Rufous-tailed jacamar, Galbula ruficauda

Rufous-tailed jacamar, Galbula ruficauda, and great jacamar, Jacamerops aureus.. Handcolored copperplate stipple engraving from Dumont de Sainte-Croix's Dictionary of Natural Science: Ornithology, Paris, France, 1816-1830. Illustration by J. G. Pretre, engraved by Massard, directed by Pierre Jean-Francois Turpin, and published by F.G. Levrault. Jean Gabriel Pretre (1780-1845) was painter of natural history at Empress Josephine's zoo and later became artist to the Museum of Natural History

© Florilegius / Mary Evans

Lorsch Gospels (Codex Aureus Laurensius). 778 Featured Octodontidae Image

Lorsch Gospels (Codex Aureus Laurensius). 778

Lorsch Gospels (Codex Aureus Laurensius). 778 - 820. Gospels written by the court scriptorium of Charlemagne and compiled in 830 in the Lorsch Abbey. Image of Christ in Majesty (Maiestas Domini). Carolingian art. Miniature Painting. GERMANY. HESSE. Lorsch. Lorsch Museum

© J. Bedmar/Iberfoto/Mary Evans

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Indian jackals (Canis aureus indicus) Featured Octodontidae Image

Indian jackals (Canis aureus indicus)

Indian jackals (Canis aureus indicus), adult and juvenile. Lives near habitations. scavenging offal and garbage, also eating rodents, reptiles and fruit, and in western India ravaging beans in the coffee plantations. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

© Joe McDonald/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

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