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Cumberland, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Brandenburg gate procession: Berlin royal wedding 1913 Featured Cumberland Print

Brandenburg gate procession: Berlin royal wedding 1913

King George V and the Kaiser, Queen Mary and the Kaiserin on their arrival, immediately passing through the Brandenburg gate.The occasion of the royal visit was the marriage of Princess VIKTORIA LUISE of Prussia, only daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II, to Prince Ernest Augustus of Brunswick- Luneburg, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland. Date: May 1913

© Mary Evans Picture Library 2015 -

Battle of Chickamauga, 1863 Featured Cumberland Print

Battle of Chickamauga, 1863

Vintage illustration features the Battle of Chickamauga, an American Civil War battle fought on September 18 ? 20, 1863, between the U.S. Army of the Cumberland and the Confederate Army of Tennessee. It was the first major battle of the war fought in Georgia and resulted in a Confederate victory


Kensington and Chelsea W14 8 Map Featured Cumberland Print

Kensington and Chelsea W14 8 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Kensington and Chelsea W14 8

Abbotsbury Close, Abbotsbury Road, Addison Bridge Place, Addison Crescent, Addison Road, Avonmore Place, Avonmore Road, Beckford Close, Bishop Kings Road, Cumberland Crescent, Earsby Street, Edith Villas, Elsham Road, Fairfax Place, Fenelon Place, Gorleston Street, Hansard Mews, Holland Gardens, Holland Park Gardens, Holland Park Road, Holland Road, Holland Villas Road, Ilchester Place, Kensington And Chelsea, Kensington Olympia, Lisgar Terrace, Lower Addison Gardens, Matheson Road, Melbury Road, Mornington Avenue, Napier Close, Napier Place, Napier Road, North End Crescent, Oakwood Court, Oakwood Lane, Olympia Way, Park Close, Radnor Terrace, Russell Gardens, Russell Gardens Mews, Russell Road, Somerset Square, St Mary Abbots Terrace, Stanwick Road, Stonor Road, Strangways Terrace, Upper Addison Gardens, W14, W14 8aa, W14 8ab, W14 8ad, W14 8ae, W14 8af, W14 8ah, W14 8aj, W14 8al, W14 8an, W14 8ap, W14 8as, W14 8at, W14 8az, W14 8ba, W14 8bb, W14 8bd, W14 8be, W14 8bg, W14 8bh, W14 8bj, W14 8bn, W14 8bp, W14 8bq, W14 8bt, W14 8bu, W14 8bw, W14 8by, W14 8bz, W14 8da, W14 8db, W14 8dd, W14 8de, W14 8dg, W14 8dh, W14 8dj, W14 8dl, W14 8dn, W14 8dp, W14 8dq, W14 8ds, W14 8dt, W14 8du, W14 8dw, W14 8dy, W14 8dz, W14 8ea, W14 8eb, W14 8ed, W14 8ee, W14 8ef, W14 8eg, W14 8eh, W14 8ej, W14 8el, W14 8en, W14 8ep, W14 8eq, W14 8er, W14 8es, W14 8et, W14 8eu, W14 8ez, W14 8fe, W14 8fl, W14 8fn, W14 8fp, W14 8ge, W14 8ha, W14 8hb, W14 8hd, W14 8hh, W14 8hj, W14 8hl, W14 8hn, W14 8hp, W14 8hq, W14 8hr, W14 8hs, W14 8ht, W14 8hu, W14 8hw, W14 8hx, W14 8hy, W14 8hz, W14 8ja, W14 8jb, W14 8jd, W14 8je, W14 8jf, W14 8jg, W14 8jh, W14 8jj, W14 8jl, W14 8jp, W14 8jr, W14 8js, W14 8jt, W14 8ju, W14 8jx, W14 8jy, W14 8jz, W14 8la, W14 8lb, W14 8ld, W14 8lg, W14 8lh, W14 8lj, W14 8ll, W14 8ln, W14 8lp, W14 8lq, W14 8lr, W14 8ls, W14 8lt, W14 8lw, W14 8lx, W14 8ly, W14 8lz, W14 8na, W14 8nb, W14 8nd, W14 8ne, W14 8nf, W14 8nh, W14 8nj, W14 8nl, W14 8nn, W14 8ns, W14 8nu, W14 8nw, W14 8nx, W14 8ny, W14 8nz, W14 8pa, W14 8pb, W14 8pe, W14 8ph, W14 8pj, W14 8pl, W14 8pp, W14 8pr, W14 8ps, W14 8pt, W14 8pu, W14 8pw, W14 8qa, W14 8qb, W14 8qg, W14 8qn, W14 8qq, W14 8qw, W14 8qz, W14 8ra, W14 8rb, W14 8rd, W14 8rf, W14 8rj, W14 8rl, W14 8rn, W14 8rp, W14 8rr, W14 8rs, W14 8rt, W14 8ru, W14 8rw, W14 8ry, W14 8rz, W14 8sa, W14 8sb, W14 8se, W14 8sf, W14 8sg, W14 8sh, W14 8sj, W14 8sl, W14 8sn, W14 8sp, W14 8sr, W14 8ss, W14 8st, W14 8su, W14 8sw, W14 8sz, W14 8ta, W14 8tb, W14 8td, W14 8te, W14 8tf, W14 8tg, W14 8th, W14 8tl, W14 8tp, W14 8tq, W14 8tr, W14 8ts, W14 8tt, W14 8tw, W14 8tx, W14 8ud, W14 8ug, W14 8uh, W14 8uj, W14 8up, W14 8uq, W14 8uw, W14 8ux, W14 8uz, W14 8xb, W14 8xd, W14 8xh, W14 8xj, W14 8xl, W14 8xp, W14 8xr, W14 8xs, W14 8xw, W14 8za, Warwick Gardens, West Cromwell Road, West Kensington