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Hysterical epilepsy, attack, contortions, fig. 3 from

Hysterical epilepsy, attack, contortions, fig. 3 from

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Hysterical epilepsy, attack, contortions, fig. 3 from

REV287077 Hysterical epilepsy, attack, contortions, fig. 3 from Iconographie Photographique de La Salpetriere by Bourneville et P. Regnard, Paris, 1876 (pen & ink on paper) by Badoureau, Jean Francois (b. c.1789); Private Collection; ( Hystero-epilepsie, attaque, contorsions; The Photographic Iconography of the Salpetriere; Desire Magloire Bourneville (1840-1909) French physician and psychiatrist, assistant of Jean Martin Charcot (1825-93); Paul Regnard (1850-1927) photographed cases of hysteria and epilepsy; case histories; hystero epilepsie; femme; hysterique; hysterie; epileptique; attaque; lit; asile; spasme; jambes croisees; doigts; mains; crispe; contracte; nue; malade; maladie mentale; folle; folie; alienation; alienee; neurologie; psychiatrie; dessin; ); French, out of copyright

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Asylum Contortion Crossed Legs Epileptic Hopital Hospital Hysteric Insane Lunatic Madness Mental Illness Neurology Patient Psychiatry Beds Contracted Contraction Spasm


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This photograph print, titled "Hysterical epilepsy, attack, contortions, fig. 3" is a powerful representation of the complexities of mental illness in the late 19th century. Taken from the renowned Iconographie Photographique de La Salpetriere by Bourneville et P. Regnard in Paris, 1876, this pen and ink drawing by Jean Francois Badoureau offers a glimpse into the world of hysteria and epilepsy. The image portrays a female patient experiencing an intense epileptic seizure within the confines of her asylum bed. Her contorted body reveals the physical manifestations of her condition - limbs twisted and fingers raised in distress. The raw emotion captured on her face reflects both pain and vulnerability. This artwork serves as a testament to the pioneering work done by Desire Magloire Bourneville and Paul Regnard in documenting cases of hysteria and epilepsy through photography during this era. Their collaboration with Jean Martin Charcot shed light on these misunderstood conditions, contributing to advancements in neurology and psychiatry. Beyond its historical significance, this illustration invites contemplation about society's understanding (or lack thereof) regarding mental illness at that time. It prompts us to reflect on how far we have come in our comprehension and treatment of such conditions. Displayed against a stark background, this thought-provoking print reminds us that art can be more than just aesthetically pleasing; it can also challenge our perceptions while shedding light on important aspects of human existence.

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