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Tunis take

Tunis take

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Tunis take

1996163 Tunis take; ( History. Tunisia. Capture of Tunis by the army of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, 1535. Engraving by Hogenberg, Germany, 16th cent, .); Photo © CCI

Media ID 33085334

© © CCI / Bridgeman Images

16e Xvie Siecle 16th Century Afrique Africa C16h Charles Quint Charles V 1500 1558 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor 1500 1558 Emperor Charles 5 Emperor Charles V Habsburg House Habsburg Monarchy Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire 800 1806 Maghreb 16 16th Xvi Xvith Sixteenth Century Gravure Engraving


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This print titled "Tunis Take" takes us back to a significant moment in history, capturing the capture of Tunis by the army of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1535. The engraving, skillfully created by Hogenberg in Germany during the 16th century, transports us to a time when empires clashed and territories were fiercely contested. The image showcases the might and power of Charles V as he led his forces into victory. It is a testament to his strategic brilliance and ambition as he expanded his influence across Europe. The intricate details of this engraving bring forth an air of authenticity, allowing us to immerse ourselves in this historical event. As we gaze upon this print, we are reminded of the grandeur and complexity of European politics during that era. Charles V's reign marked a pivotal period for both the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg House. This image serves as a visual representation of their dominance over vast territories. Beyond its historical significance, this photograph also highlights Germany's contribution to artistry during that time. Hogenberg's talent shines through every stroke engraved on paper, showcasing German craftsmanship at its finest. In conclusion, "Tunis Take" offers us not only a glimpse into an important moment in history but also celebrates artistic excellence from 16th-century Germany. It serves as a reminder that even centuries later, these images continue to captivate our imagination and transport us back to times long gone.

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