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Framed Print : Duchess of Kent Royalty

Duchess of Kent Royalty

Restricted To Certain Countries (Australia or New Zealand)


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Restricted To Certain Countries (Australia or New Zealand)

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Duchess of Kent Royalty

Gavin Kent
United Kingdom

Media ID 21532577

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11.5"x9.5" (29x24cm) Premium Frame

Introducing the Duchess of Kent Royalty print from Memory Lane Prints, exclusively available in the Media Storehouse Framed Prints collection. This stunning portrait captures the elegant grace and regal presence of the Duchess of Kent, brought to life by the masterful brushstrokes of renowned artist Gavin Kent. Each framed print is meticulously crafted with a high-quality matte finish and elegant frame, ensuring your treasured piece stands out as a captivating conversation starter in your home or office. Experience the timeless beauty of this exquisite work of art, now available in our Framed Prints collection at Media Storehouse.

Framed and mounted 9x7 print. Professionally handmade full timber moulded frames are finished off with framers tape and come with a hanging solution on the back. Outer dimensions are 13.5x11.5 inches (34x29cm). Quality timber frame frame moulding (20mm wide and 30mm deep) with frame colours in your choice of black, white, or raw oak and a choice of black or white card mounts. Frames have a perspex front providing a virtually unbreakable glass-like finish which is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 21.4cm x 21.4cm (8.4" x 8.4")

Estimated Product Size is 24cm x 29cm (9.4" x 11.4")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.

In this print titled "Duchess of Kent Royalty" captured by the talented photographer Gavin Kent, we are transported back to the elegant world of British royalty in the 1990s. The Duchess of Kent, known for her grace and poise, is portrayed here in a stunning portrait that exudes both regality and warmth. With a gentle smile gracing her lips, the Duchess radiates an air of approachability and genuine kindness. Her eyes sparkle with wisdom and compassion, reflecting a life dedicated to serving others. Every detail in this photograph is meticulously captured; from the delicate pearls adorning her neck to the intricate lace embellishments on her gown, every element speaks volumes about her refined taste and timeless style. Gavin Kent's masterful composition not only showcases the Duchess' external beauty but also captures something deeper - an inner strength that shines through her serene expression. This image serves as a reminder that behind every royal title lies a person with hopes, dreams, and emotions just like anyone else. As we gaze upon this remarkable piece from Memory Lane Prints collection, we are reminded of an era when tradition met modernity within Britain's monarchy. It invites us to appreciate not only the visual splendor but also ponder upon the responsibilities carried by those born into such positions of influence. This exquisite print offers us a glimpse into history while honoring one woman's contribution to society as she gracefully navigated through royal duties with dignity and charm.

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