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South Theatre, Jerash, Jordan

South Theatre, Jerash, Jordan

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South Theatre, Jerash, Jordan

South Theatre, Jerash, Jordan. The site of a settlement since the Bronze Age, the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa (Jerash) was established in the 2nd century BC and was one of the ten cities in Syria and Palestine known as the Decapolis. Jerash became a Roman city of the province of Syria in 63 BC. The city was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 749. The excavation of the site, which has revealed extensive ruins, began in the 1920s. The South Theatre, which was the largest of the three in the city, was built in the 90s AD during the reign of the Emperor Domitian

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This print showcases the South Theatre in Jerash, Jordan. With a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age, this Greco-Roman city of Gerasa (Jerash) flourished during the 2nd century BC and became one of the renowned Decapolis cities in Syria and Palestine. In 63 BC, it was incorporated into the Roman province of Syria. Unfortunately, its grandeur was marred by a devastating earthquake in 749 that left much of the city in ruins. The excavation efforts at this archaeological site began in the 1920s, revealing extensive remnants of an ancient civilization. The South Theatre stands as a testament to their architectural prowess and artistic finesse. Constructed during Emperor Domitian's reign around AD 90s, it held great significance as it was the largest among three theaters within Jerash. As you gaze upon this image, let your imagination transport you back to a time when vibrant performances filled these hallowed grounds. The intricate doorways and sharp lines of this ruinous structure evoke both awe and curiosity about its past glory. Vivienne Sharp expertly captures not only the physicality but also conveys an essence that transcends time through her lens. This photograph is a remarkable tribute to Jerash's cultural heritage and serves as a reminder of our collective human history.

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