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Poster Print : Stores arriving at Gallipoli

Stores arriving at Gallipoli


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Stores arriving at Gallipoli

A war stores depot for an Australasian division, on the beach at Galllipoli. The Dardanelles campaign, the aim of which was to overpower Turkey, who had entered the war on Germanys side, was a spectacular failure with the loss of 46, 000 British and Anzac troops

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Anzac Arriving Australasian Campaign Dardanelles Depot Division Entered Failure Gallipoli Germanys Loss Spectacular Stores

A1 (84.1 x 59.4cm) Poster Print

"Step back in time with our captivating selection from the Media Storehouse range of Poster Prints. This powerful image, titled "Stores Arriving at Gallipoli," showcases a poignant moment during the Dardanelles Campaign. Depicting a war stores depot for an Australasian division arriving on the beach at Gallipoli, this print offers a glimpse into the historical efforts to overpower Turkey, who had entered the war on Germany's side. The black-and-white photograph, sourced from Mary Evans Prints Online, adds a timeless touch to any space. Perfect for history enthusiasts, classrooms, or offices, this print is a striking reminder of the past. Experience the history as if you were there."

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Estimated Product Size is 84.6cm x 59.6cm (33.3" x 23.5")

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Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) orientation to match the source image.

August 7, 1915: Arrival of Stores at Gallipoli - A Historical Moment of the Dardanelles Campaign This evocative photograph captures the moment when war stores, essential for the sustenance and survival of the Australasian division, were being unloaded from a ship onto the shores of Gallipoli. The Dardanelles Campaign, a crucial part of World War I, aimed to overpower Turkey, who had entered the war on Germany's side in October 1914. The failure of this campaign, which began in April 1915, was nothing short of spectacular. The Allied forces, comprising British, French, and Anzac troops, suffered a devastating loss, with over 46,000 casualties, including 7,000 Australasian and New Zealand soldiers. The image of the stores arriving at Gallipoli serves as a poignant reminder of the logistical challenges faced by the Allied forces during this ill-fated campaign. The 7th War Stores Depot, as seen in the photograph, played a critical role in supplying the troops with the necessary provisions and equipment. The stores, which included ammunition, food, and medical supplies, were transported from the ship to the beach via a makeshift conveyor belt. The soldiers, who are visible in the background, are seen working tirelessly to unload and transport the stores to the depot. This photograph, taken on August 7, 1915, is an important historical document that offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of war. The failure of the Dardanelles Campaign marked a turning point in the war, leading to the eventual withdrawal of the Allied forces from Gallipoli in December 1915. This image serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by the soldiers and the crucial role played by logistical support in the conduct of military operations.

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