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Poster Print : Wimbledon 1980. 7th day. H. Mandlikova vs. R. Cawley. Miss H

Wimbledon 1980. 7th day. H. Mandlikova vs. R. Cawley. Miss H


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Wimbledon 1980. 7th day. H. Mandlikova vs. R. Cawley. Miss H

Wimbledon 1980. 7th day. H. Mandlikova vs. R. Cawley. Miss H. Mandlieova in action against R. Cawley. June 1980 80-3384


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Wimbledon 1980 Competitions

A4 (29.7 x 21cm) Poster Print

Step back in time with our vintage Wimbledon 1980 poster print featuring the intense rally between Hana Mandlikova and Renee Cawley on the 7th day of the tournament. This classic black and white image captures the energy and excitement of the match, with Mandlikova in focused determination against her opponent. A must-have for tennis fans and history buffs, this print is a stunning addition to any home or office, bringing memories of the past right to your walls. Authentically reproduced from the original Mirrorpix photograph, our high-quality poster print is sure to impress.

Premium quality poster prints are printed on luxurious semi-gloss satin 270 gsm paper. Our meticulously crafted poster prints offer an affordable option for decorating any space, making them ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and beyond. To ensure your poster arrives in good condition, we roll and send them in strong mailing tubes.

Poster prints are budget friendly enlarged prints in standard poster paper sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3 etc). Whilst poster paper is sometimes thinner and less durable than our other paper types, they are still ok for framing and should last many years. Our Archival Quality Photo Prints and Fine Art Paper Prints are printed on higher quality paper and the choice of which largely depends on your budget.

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 20.3cm x 30.3cm (8" x 11.9")

Estimated Product Size is 21.6cm x 30.3cm (8.5" x 11.9")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.


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Reliving the Epic Battle - Wimbledon 1980. Witness Miss H. Mandlikova's Unforgettable Triumph against R. Cawley

. Step back in time to the thrilling atmosphere of Wimbledon 1980, where history was made on the 7th day of this prestigious tournament. This print captures a pivotal moment as two tennis titans clashed on the hallowed grass courts. In this intense match between Miss H. Mandlikova and R. Cawley, every swing of the racket carried immense weight and determination. The sheer athleticism and skill displayed by both players is awe-inspiring, showcasing their unwavering dedication to their craft. As you gaze upon this remarkable image frozen in time, you can almost feel the tension radiating from Centre Court that fateful June day in 1980. The crowd's thunderous applause echoes through your mind as they bear witness to an extraordinary display of talent and sportsmanship. Miss H. Mandlikova's fierce focus is palpable as she unleashes her powerful shot against her formidable opponent, R. Cawley - a true clash of tennis legends etched forever into Wimbledon history. This Memory Lane Print serves as a cherished memento for any avid tennis enthusiast or lover of sporting greatness alike. It encapsulates not only a significant event but also embodies the spirit of competition, perseverance, and triumph that defines Wimbledon itself. Transport yourself back to that unforgettable era with this iconic piece capturing one fleeting moment amidst an epic battle at Wimbledon '

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